Rune Factory Frontier
Description "The girl at the grocery store. Her words may sting at times, but she is always hard at work."
Japanese Name ロゼッタ (Rozetta)
Birthday Autumn 21
Family Jean (Father; not in the game)
Residence Materia
Favorite Gifts Cherry Pie
Liked Gifts Roasted Yam, Strawberry, Hot Milk, Ear of Corn, Hot Chocolate, Veggie Stir-Fry, Veggie Omelet, Cherry Grass
Disliked Gifts Milk
Constellation Serpent
Voice Actor
English Julie Ann Taylor
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Rosetta is Mist's childhood friend. She secretly regards Mist as her rival. She manages the sale of shipping box items throughout the game. She eventually will open her own general store in town named 'Materia'. The earliest date that Rosetta is introduced is on Spring 2 at 5pm. She has a basic friendly nature but will have a tendency to say harsh things to both you and Mist on a rare occasion.


Run away

Date: Spring 9
Speak with Rosetta to learn she has moved in with Mist.

Materia Grand Opening

Date: Spring 14
Enter Materia to trigger an animated cutscene.


Date: Spring 15
Buy Moondrops from Rosetta and speak to her. (might take a few times) You can actually buy the moondrops on Spring 14, use them on the plot in front of the Tower of Rest that day, and then speak with Rosetta afterward to trigger the dialogue. Just don't forget to water the flowers!


After meeting Brodik
Talk to Rosetta and she will tell you that your shipping bin was full of rocks. She will tell you that they were hard to remove and not to do it again. If you talk to Brodik he will claim to have noticed the rocks and blame it all on you.

Bathing Event

Everyday at 9 pm

Heart Events

  • When Rosetta is at 2 LP, talk to Danny
  • After she's halfway to 3 LP enter Rosetta's store to witness an event where Danny accuses her of stealing his customers through trickery
  • When she has 4 LP, talk to Danny again
  • A day after this visit her shop and talk to Danny inside
  • When she's finally gotten to 9 LP try to enter her shop again. Danny must work for Rosetta in order for this to happen. Rosetta's father will become ill; she'll leave Trampoli for a while and Danny will be in charge of the shop and emptying your shipping bin while she is away.
  • Rosetta will return every holiday and festival day. Talk with her on different occasions until you've heard 3 different things about her father's progress. (You might not want to trigger this event while you're in the middle of preparation for the final boss. To avoid it, don't enter her shop. Instead only talk to her while she's at your shipping bin at 5pm.)
  • Talk to Lara who will give you a recipe.
  • Make this recipe (requires 50 lab skill), then give the product to Rosetta.
  • Four days later, visit her store again.


Open: 9am-6pm
Closed: Holidays

Cheap Band 500G
Pendant 550G
Earring 550G
Wappen 500G
Neck Towel 850G
Flower Seeds
Moon Drop 460G
Toy Herb 1900G
Emeryflower 26000G
Cherry Grass 12000G
Lamp Grass 19000G
Blue Crystal 22000G
Pink Cat 1100G
Green Crystal 22000G
Fireflower 19000G
Ironleaf 7000G
Clover 12000G
Charm Blue 1500G
Red Crystal 22000G
Pom-Pom 19000G
Noel Grass 7000G


Time All Days
6am - 8am Mist's House
8am - 9am St. Poli Church
9am - 12pm Road to the Beach
12pm - 3pm Public Square
3pm - 5pm Business District
5pm - 6pm Homestead
6pm - 7pm Road to the Beach
7pm - 6am Mist's House

Time Weekdays Holiday Holiday (Raining) Festival
6am - 8am Grocery Store Materia[2]
8am - 9am St. Poli Church Grocery Store Materia[2] Grocery Store Materia[2] Grocery Store Materia[2]
9am - 12pm Grocery Store Materia Public Square Road to the Beach
12pm - 5pm Mist's House
5pm - 6pm Homestead
6pm - 9pm Grocery Store Materia[2] Grocery Store Materia[2] Grocery Store Materia[2] Grocery Store Materia[2]
9pm - 10pm Laga Springs[1]
10pm - 12am Grocery Store Materia[2]
12am - 1am Laga Springs[1]
1am - 6am Grocery Store Materia[2]


  • She will always be in your homestead between 5pm-6pm, even before moving with Mist.
  • During Summer, Rosetta will be at the Beach from 6am-9am on Tuesday/Friday, and from 9am-5pm on Holidays.
  • [1]: If Laga Springs hasn't opened yet, Rosetta will be in her house.
  • [2]: Once married, Rosetta spends her time at your house instead.


  • Rosetta likes a number of things, including tomatoes and strawberries. Just steer clear of Milk.
  • Rosetta likes it if you come to meet her when she picks up the stuff from your shipping bin at around 5:30 everyday. Before 5:15, stand in the vicinity of your bin and watch the little scene. DON'T ship weeds if you want to win her heart, she'll notice!
  • Talking to Rosetta behind the counter of her store may sometimes prompt her to ask you questions about how she should run or decorate her store. Answer these accordingly.
  • Rosetta's favorite is exceedingly easy to attain and to make. Just pop a yam in your oven, and there you go! Her LP will be up to 10 before you know it.

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