Rune Factory Frontier
Japanese Name ラグナ
Voice Actor
Japanese Romi Park
English Johnny Yong Bosch
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Raguna is the main character in the game. As known from the previous game Rune Factory, he suffers from amnesia and relies on his new friend Mist, who gave him food and a place to live in. He is an Earthmate, who came to Trampoli in search of Mist, and decided to settle down after finding her. After Stella welcomes him in the town, he lives at an extra house in town with a farm that is a complete mess when he first arrives.

Raguna is hard working when it comes to working on the farm or battling and taking care of monsters. He is a kind-hearted man, who gets along with everyone.

As the player you can choose his name if you wish at the beginning.

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