Marriage is a big part of the game. It is a large task to court and marry a girl, and it is in no way required in order to finish the storyline of the game. Once you are married there is no divorcing, so make sure that you chose correctly. There are only twelve maidens that can be married... although, since there are two aspects of Iris (Blanche & Noire) and two versions of Eunice (Skinny and Heavy), there are actually 14 different marriage "Memories" possible.

The Eligible Maidens

These are the only people in the game that you can marry:

Marriage Requirements

Before you can even consider marrying someone, there are a few requirements that must be fulfilled. They follow:

  • The maiden in question must have reached ten LP
  • You must have completed the maiden's story
  • You must have purchased the bigger bedroom from Kross and the Big bed from Lute
  • The maiden must have a permanent residence in Trampoli
  • You must make a wedding bouquet
  • You must go on at least one date with the maiden and propose to her while on this date

It is possible that some maidens have extra requirements.

Love and Friendship Points

Love and Friendship Points (LP and FP) are used to represent a character's affinity toward you. Only eligable maidens can get LP. You can view these levels in the relations menu. You can increase LP and FP by several methods:

  • Frequent Conversation
  • Gifts
  • Special Events.

At each new LP or FP, new conversations are unlocked, as well as new parts in the person's story.


The simplest way to raise anyone's FP and LP is by talking to them 5 times . That is it. Just talk to them a few times a day and eventually they will reach ten LP and FP. However, this method takes an extremely long time to see any results. For more success use the other two methods.


When viewed in the relations menu, you can see that the number given is the number of points, and the bar is the progress towards the next point. Each gift given raises the bar by a certain amount, on a point-based system. They are as follows:

  • Favorite Gifts (9 sub-points)
  • Liked Gifts (3 sub-points)
  • Normal Gifts (1 sub-point)
  • Disliked Gifts (minus 1 sub-point)
  • Most Disliked Gifts (minus 9 sub-points)

At this point, FP and LP vary significantly:

For LP, the first gift given in a day is normal, and all others have no effect, unless it's their Favorite Gift, in which case you will still receive a reduced credit. You can raise any maiden's LP to 10 all at once as long as you have enough of her Favorite Gift.
For FP, the first gift given in a day is normal, and all others have one-third of their normal value.

Because of this, the first gift given on any day has the most "weight", so to speak, for changing the point values, for good or bad.

Birthday Gifts

If you give a gift to someone on their birthday, it effects them far more than if you were to give the same gift on any other day. Use this to your advantage, as birthdays only come once a year. If you do not know the birthday of the person in question, simply give a gift to them every day and once their birthday comes around, the will reply differently to the same gift than usual. Once you do give them a gift on their birthday, their birthday will be marked on your calender by a picture of them on that day. Otherwise, you can simply raise their LP to four, and they will eventually tell you their birthday.

Special Events

Special events are many and varied, and few overlap from character to character. They are simply actions that you do which trigger a special reaction in the character. For instance: Selphy's LP goes up when you buy a book from her. Rita's FP goes up when you build on your house and then talk to her. There are so many that they cannot be listed here.

Wedding Bouquet

In order to propose, you must have in your inventory a Wedding Bouquet. The only way to get one is to make it yourself

  1. You get the bouquet recipe from Stella once any maiden has reached ten LP and has a full LP bar.
  2. You get the baleen needed for the bouquet by giving the whale of whale Island a Tide Cluster once a maiden has reached ten LP and has a full LP bar. You'll find the Tide Cluster at the Beach... take it to Whale Island via the Church District beanstalk and the whale will trade you Baleen for the Tide Cluster.
  3. You get the blue rose by talking to Ganesha after Stella has given you Happiness 101 with the bouquet recipe... Ganesha will give you a white rose. Put the white rose in your seed maker to get white rose seeds. Plant the seeds in the plot outside of Iris' tower. When they are ready to harvest, don't harvest them. This is crucial. After three days of being ready to harvest, they turn blue. Then you can pick them for use in the bouquet. (Note that Iris Noire & the Rune Archives will also tell you how to make blue roses).

After doing this, you make the Wedding Bouquet and follow the proposal instructions below.

Warning: DO NOT give a wedding bouquet to someone if you are already married. Your wife will get mad at you, possibly beating you up, her love and friendship will both drop to 0, and she will give you a bad lunch the next day.


In order to get married, you must go on at least one date with the maiden in question. You do not have the option to go on a date until the girl has at least eight LP. Once she does the dialog box will say this:

I just came to talk.
I came to ask you out.
.* If the maiden in question is working (e.g. Selphy sitting at the library desk) you will not be given the option to ask her out.

If you chose to ask her out, she will accept, and you will tell her a time, date, and place to meet you. Their is one "Date Date" per month, and they follow:

  • Spring 13th
  • Summer 19th
  • Autumn 19th
  • Winter 24th (Night of the Holies)

The latest possible time to ask a girl out is one day before the day of the date. After that, it moves to the next date.

Warning: If you attempt to ask a second girl out, it will be scheduled for the next date. Sorry, no scheduling the dates months in advance. If you have already asked a girl out for that day, then the second one will accept at first, but then remind you that you have already arranged to meet someone. If this happens, the second girl will lose one LP. This does not affect the first girl's feelings toward you, oddly enough.

Once the actual date arrives, the maiden in question will enter the area about a half-hour before the time you agreed on. If you talk to her before the scheduled time, she will remark that you are early and she hopes that you were not kept waiting too long. If you are late, she will say that you are late and she was kept waiting (some maidens are late anyway such as Melody comes at 12:30-1:00). This does not acually affect anything. The date will then proceed and the at the end of it, the maiden will tell you that she had a good time and would like to go on a date again in the future. Then, if she has not yet reached ten LP, she will leave and the date will end. However, if she has reached LP, she will then announce that she has prepared a picnic for the event. See the proposal section of this article for details.

Warning 2: Having a date the same day you had an event with that girl may make the girl you are to date not appear for part or all of the day. 


If the girl in question has reached ten LP, at the end of a date whe will tell you that she has prepared a picnic for the event. She will hand you some food, and your character will gobble it up. She will then ask you how it was. If you tell her that it was delicious, she will be overjoyed. If it is less than perfect she will weep. After this you will be overcome by your emotions and will wish to propose to her. If you have the marriage bouquet in your inventory, you chose to propose, and you have completed all of the marriage requirements, she will accept and kiss you. Immediately afterwards the wedding commences. Stella marries the two of you, and then all of the residents will congratulate you. After marriage, each morning your wife will wake you up, give you lunch, and when you are going to leave a goodbye kiss. Also her explanation under her picture will say: Raguna's beautiful bride. Her smile is so powerful that it can cure the worst exhaustion.

Early Marriages

It's possible to marry a few of the Maidens as early as Summer 19 of Year 1! Success will depend on your skill at getting your "farming economy" up and running quickly as well as your ability to progress quickly through the dungeons to get the materials you'll need.

Maiden Marriage Comments / Strategy
Lara Summer 19 Probably the "easiest girl" in town. You can have a Chef's Kitchen with a Royal Oven and Blender by Spring 19 and then it's just a question of cooking up Chocolate Cake for her. Since all of the ingredients you need can be bought from Rita, you just need to generate enough money and get your cooking skill up (like by making lots of jam and cooking fish). You'll probably need to request a Grass Day wonder in order to get the Black Grass required for the Sleepy Grass concoction.
Cinnamon Summer 19 Magic Crystal isn't that easy to get, so you'll have to devote several "hours" each day to beating up the Ignis monsters in the Lava Ruins (like at the monster generator on Level 2 right by the shortcut staircase door). A Wind Rod works well, as does an Aqua Blade or Icifier. You'll also need to court Lara and Melody to trigger their study-group events. Courting Lara provides the additional benefit of having an additional means to easily get the 10 LP needed to receive the White Rose and Bouquet recipe (since it's easier to consistently produce Chocolate Cake than it is to hunt for Magic Crystal every day). This means that you can have the Bouquet already prepared for Cinnamon by the time she reaches 10 LP (and Lara won't really mind).
Anette Summer 19 You need to invest early in Pumpkins and Formula A so that you're ready to start producing at least two Pumpkin Tarts per day by Spring 19 - which is the soonest you can have the Chef's Kitchen, Royal Oven and Blender you need. You'll want to get into the Lava Ruins as quickly as possible so that you have access to more Pumpkin-producing plots. Also, you've got to be cautious about staying up too late or getting killed and ending up in the Clinic... but if you're going to have a late night, make sure it's on Tuesday or Friday because on Wednesdays you can still find Anette at Eric's after 9AM and on Holidays Anette isn't around anyways until you get to 7LP+. Also, FYI, you don't have to experience the evening event with Tabatha in order to propose to Anette. You may also want to court Lara to get the Bouquet recipe sooner.
Selphy Summer 19 Grow your carrots and tomatoes early on Whale Island and your Cucumbers in the Green Ruins. As with Lara and Annette, you can start preparing her favorite dish (Sandwich) on Spring 19, once your kitchen is complete. Reading books in the library also gives a boost to LP.
Melody Summer 19 The key to marrying Melody is to start by courting Lara too - not just for the jump-start on the Bouquet recipe, but because raising FP/LP with Lara will provide you with the grasses you'll need for Melody's Relax Tea. Making Tea Leaves (skill 88) and Relax Tea (skill 95) isn't that daunting once you're already making Chocolate Cake (skill 65), but if you're having trouble raising skill, remember that Oatmeal (skill 80) is a simple upper-intermediate dish and that making sashimi out of your fish (or throwing them in the frying pan) will give you the cooking boost you'll need. You can also give her colored grasses that you buy or find until you're able to make Relax Tea.
Uzuki Summer 19 You can marry Uzuki on Summer 19, but it is very hard to do, chiefly because of the complications in preparing her favorite gift (the Golden Hairpin). You need a very strong start developing your farm, upgrading your facilities and progressing through the dungeons so that as soon as Materia opens on Spring 14 you can plant 3 or 4 plots of Ironleaf in the basement of the Lava Ruins. In addition to maximizing your farming income, you'll also need to fish aggressively to make money so that you can afford Formula B (which means, of course, that you've been feeding Lara some jam). You'll also want to start near-full-time harvesting Magic Crystal and (once Gelwein unlocks the gate on Spring 25) Turtle Shells and Fish Fossils. The soonest you are able to harvest Ironleaf and start making Hairpins is Spring 26 - and, after that, giving Uzuki ~2 Hairpins each day. Since Uzuki gives bonus LP for defeating bosses, it helps to take out the Ice Snake and Squid the first week of Summer. With all of this, you are able to get to 8LP and receive Uzuki's Hairpin on Summer 12 at the latest and then collect 7 Stardust. You'll also want to wish for sunny weeks with Candy. It is not easy, and it is possible - but it's something only for very experienced players to try.

The other maidens all take longer (for a variety of reasons)

Maiden Marriage Comments / Strategy
Tabatha Autumn 19 With lots of Oatmeal, you can get Tabatha to 10 LP by Summer 18 (just in time to ask her out for the next day), but you won't be able to do so. It's not until Autumn 1 that Bianca decides that she and Tabatha will stay and become permanent residents of Trampoli (assuming, of course, that you've triggered Bianca's Francoise event). On Autumn 1, talk to Bianca - then talk to Tabatha - then go to the upper floor of the Inn to meet Minerva - then go to Maison Ste. Coquille. After all that, you can then ask Tabatha out, assuming she's at 8+ LP.
Iris (both) Autumn 19 The soonest you can defeat Gelwein and move the Iris girls to town is Summer 15. Even if you get them both to 10 LP immediately, their merge event takes a few days to play out. Once that's done, Autumn 19 is easy, no matter which aspect of Iris you choose.
Eunice (Heavy) Autumn 19 If you dissuade Eunice from dieting, she'll eat all the sweets you give her. However, her favorite (the Mont Blanc) can't be prepared until Autumn 1 when chestnuts come into season (on the Cornucopia Trees and in Erik's shop). Feed her well and she'll marry you on Autumn 19.
Rosetta Autumn 19 Rosetta is complicated. Not only does she tell you that her Favorite Dish is Roasted Yam when it's actually Cherry Pie, but she heads out of town just as soon as you've raised her LP. Since you get bonus LP whenever you're on your farm at 5:30 when she walks over to the shipping box, you can raise her to 10 LP very quickly (as early as Spring 22 - which also required ~160 Cherry Pies from Spring 19-21 - which required A LOT of fishing to make the money needed to buy the ingredients). Provided you chat with her on all of her holiday and festival visits, she will return approx one month later, in time for an Autumn 19 wedding.
Eunice (Skinny) Winter 24 You won't be able to give Eunice her most favorite gift (Mont Blanc) because you can't get Chestnuts until Autumn, so you have to win her love with a lot of small gestures. You need to talk with her every day and cook something every day until you can start giving her gifts she likes. The earliest you can give her flowers is Spring 18. If you give her ~5 flowers each day and also do a little cooking in the kitchen, you can get Eunice to 4LP before Summer 23 and trigger her diet. This will assure that the diet is complete in time for a Winter 24 marriage.
Mist Winter 24 With a lot of Formula C (funded by aggressive fishing), you can get Emery Flowers for Mist as soon as late-Summer of Year 1... and the earliest you can defeat Gelwein is Summer 15... yet it isn't until Mist starts spending her Tuesdays in the Church District that you can trigger her final event. Find her on a sunny Winter Tuesday afternoon to initiate the story line to give a gift to Dog. Since it must be sunny, you might want to make a wish with Candy the day before (like on Winter 2).

Summer 19, Yr 2

Not much you can do here - just talk to her every day. Yep, it really takes that long.