Love Points (LP) are a way of measuring a character's relationship with you. Only the thirteen Maidens can gain LP towards you. You can view the LP levels in the relations menu. If you do so, you will notice that a maiden has a number of LP with a meter below it which shows the progress to the next LP. The meter uses a point-based system (refered to as "sub-points") which determines how close you are to advancing an LP.

Raising Love Point Levels

When you meet a maiden her LP will be at zero. In order to marry, the maiden in question must have 10 LP. There are three methods in which one may raise the LP of a girl:

  • Frequent Conversation
  • The Giving of Gifts
  • Special Events

Raising LP levels takes a long time, and you cannot do it overnight. (with the exception of Iris)

Frequent Conversation

The simplest way to gain LP with a girl is to talk with her. Every day talk to her four or five times and she will be at ten LP eventually. This is by far the longest way. For more success, try the other two methods.

The Giving of Gifts

A faster method is to give gifts to the girl. Depending on the gift, her LP will either increase or decrease. There are five categories in which gifts can fall:

  • Favorite Gifts (9 sub-points)
  • Liked Gifts (3 sub-points)
  • Neutral Gifts (1 sub-point)
  • Disliked Gifts (minus 1 sub-point)
  • Most Disliked Gifts (minus 9 sub-points)

As you can see, the giving of a Favorite gift will drastically change the feelings of the maiden in question for good, and giving a most disliked gift will have the opposite effect.

However, only one gift per day can change the LP a given maiden has. (with the exception of Iris) That's right, one. So if you mess up and give a most disliked gift to someone, you have to wait until the next day to correct it. (except for with Iris) Furthermore, you cannot simply give twenty favorite gifts and raise the LP to ten. LP take a long time to develop via this method, but not nearly as long as if you simply talk to the girl.

Birthday Gifts

Each person in the game has a birthday. If you give a gift to them on that day, it will effect them far more than usual. If you give a gift on the person's birthday, it will be marked on your calender for future reference.

Special Events

Special events are varied. Few overlap between characters, and few are cheap enough to do regularly. For instance: If you buy a book from selphy, her LP will go up considerably. If you upgrade your house and talk to Rita, she will give you a gift and her FP will go up considerably.

These are rare and should not be the only way by which you increase a maiden's LP.

Dating and Marriage

See Marriage.