Description "You may not have noticed him, but he lives next door to Erik. A skilled carpenter."
Birthday Spring 2
Favorite Gifts Cat Tail
Liked Gifts Warrior Medal, Egg, Boiled Egg, Sunny-side-up Egg
Disliked Gifts Curry powder, Flour
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Kross is Trampoli village's only carpenter and a very skilled one to boot. Speak with Kross for all your building needs.This mysterious man lives alone in his south Trampoli district home and many of the villagers forget he exists, often mistaking him for a ghost. The earliest time to meet Kross is on Spring 2, he will be hanging out in front of his home. He has a very... well, depressing attitude, often speaking in poem and making Raguna sad. He also has a song that only plays when you're in his house or talking to him. Later in the game, if you befriend him, you will find out that he is an escaped soldier from the Zzyzx empire.

About Kross

Speak to Kross during business hours to be allowed the option of building onto your house.

Open: 9 AM to 6 PM Weekdays. On Rainy Days, he is available inside is house starting at 3pm.
Closed: Holidays, Festivals

Upgrade Lumber Required Gold Required Styles Available
Bedroom 900 75000g n/a
Laboratory 180 15000g Apothecary, Alchemy, Magic
Forge 240 20000g Cozy , Creepy, Cool
Kitchen 120 10000g Bulging , Ba-bump, Pointy
Monster Barn 1 10 1000g 1 Room
Monster Barn 2 300 18000g 3 Rooms
Monster Barn 3 800 50000g 7 Rooms

Extensions are needed in order to fit more than just the basic Kitchen, Forge, and Lab upgrades available from Lute.
(Note: Each of the styles only changes the overall look of its respective facility and has no affect on the function.)

After every expansion you build, see Rita after 6PM that day for a treat.


Pet Glove & Barn talk

Date: After you've been to Whale Island (Spring 2)
Talk to Kross after visiting Whale Island and he'll give you the Pet Glove and talk about taming monsters. This conversation is part of the trigger for Stella giving you the Axe on Spring 4.

Jumping off his rooftop

Prerequisite: 2FP
Enter the South District to watch a scene

Rock Pushing

Prerequisite: 4FP
Enter the South District to watch a scene.

Rock Pushing 2

Prerequisite: 7 FP
Exit your house in the morning to see a scene. This will only happen if you have talked to Brodik.


Normal Schedule
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 6pm South District
6pm - 6am Kross's House
Monday-Friday (Raining)
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 3pm St. Poli Church
3pm - 6am Kross's House
6am - 9am Kross's House
9am - 12pm Homestead
12pm - 6pm St. Poli Church
6pm - 6am Kross's House
Holiday (Raining)
6am - 3pm Kross's House
3pm - 4pm Laga Springs
4pm - 6am Kross's House

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