There are a number of different hammers available to the player as gains in wealth, experience and assets increases.

The two types of hammers are work and combat hammer. While you can still perform work activities with Combat hammers, breaking large rocks on the farming field is a task better left to a work hammer instead of a combat hammer.

The player receives a cheap hammer from Melody on whale island. This is the first hammer available to the player. With it the player can break boulders in dungeons to find crafting/forging materials which will allow the construction of better hammers via the Forge.

The rank (ie: Cheaper Hammer, Iron Hammer and so on) of the hammer increase the potential level of ore and gems dropped from rocks using a SP Attack. It seems that reforging a hammer to increase its level increase the chance to drop gems and crystals but there's no evidence of that beside player experience.

Work Hammers (and their forge recipes)

Item Name Ingredients Forge Skill Atk/REQSKL/SA/RP FX Info Recipe Book
Cheap Hammer None None 7/2/0/13 Stun Attack 20% A hammer made to break rocks. It can't break larger rocks, but can return tilled land to normal. Not Available.
Iron Hammer Cheap Hammer, Iron 5 16/10/1/13 Stun Attack 24% A hammer made of iron. It has been upgraded, so you can use it to break larger stones now. Farm Companion
Silver Hammer Iron Hammer, SilverX2, Insect Hide 25 36/30/2/38 Stun Attack 28% A hammer reinforced with silver. Now you can break larger rocks. Can return tilled land to normal. Farm Companion
Golden Hammer Silver Hammer, GoldX2, Sapphire, Wet Scale 45 80/50/3/13 Stun Attack 32% A hammer reinforced with gold. Now you can break large rocks faster. Can return tilled land to normal. Farm Master
Platinum Hammer Golden Hammer, PlatinumX2, Fireflower, Fair Hide, Little Crystal 65 176/80/4/50 Stun Attack 36% A hammer reinforced with plantinum. Shatter boulders with ease. Can return tilled land to normal. Farm Master

Combat Hammers (and their Forge recipes)

Item Name Ingredients Forge Skill Atk/REQSKL/SA/RP FX Info Recipe Book
Battle Hammer IronX2 8 17/8/0/13 Stun Attack20% A hammer made for battle. Powerful enough to stun your enemies. Let's Make Weapons!
War Hammer Battle Hammer, Copper 14 26/14/1/14 Stun Attack24%Fatigue Attack30% You can swing this hammer faster than other hammers due to its shape. Let's Make Weapons!
Schnabel Battle Hammer, Copper, Toxin 20 41/20/1/23

Stun Attack24%Poison Attack100%

A poisoned hammer. It's a great hammer that can stun and poison enemies at the same time. Let's Make Weapons!
Ice Hammer Battle Hammer, Water Crystal 26 56/26/1/32 Stun Attack24%

Water Attack+10

A hammer made of ice. It looks pretty tasty for some reason. Let's Make Weapons!

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