Francoise is a baby Elefun and the key of making Bianca and Tabatha stay.

Although he doesn't help you out in combat, or farm work, and doesn't lay eggs, he can be extremely helpful! If you have already chose either Bianca or Tabatha as your potential bride, you should know that both of them will move out only to come next year's summer. Of course, you can court Bianca/Tabatha, but it will be extremely hard and time consuming. Not only does Bianca accept talking to her, but because you don't talk to a specific girl for a year (and you don't see her) then her LP wil tragically fall down. Be prepared because as soon as you answer Tabatha's letter (saying yes), everyday at 9am, you should check Bianca's summer home to see if Bianca stays (and it can start any day). You should be cheering by then, because Bianca will stay in Trampoli even after Francoise goes to the "First Forest"! If you have raised Bianca's LP to 10, you should get the wedding bouquet ready for her!