Description "A farmer in Trampoli. Always calls Raguna a young man, but he is too.
Birthday Summer 23
Favorite Gifts Garlic
Liked Gifts Dried Fish, Strawberry, Pineapple
Disliked Gifts Turnip, Chocolate, Jam
Voice Actor
English Spike Spencer
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Erik sells seeds for each seasonal crop, except flowers; available from 12pm to 6pm. He calls Raguna a young man although he is as well. The earliest time to meet Erik is on Spring 2. He shows affection towards Lara & if you marry Lara there is quite an amusing conversation between him and Lara in which he mentions he will kill you if you don't make Lara happy.


Dried Fish Thief

Date: Winter

Talk to Erik at the beach for a few days and then agree to help him catch the thief. Go to the beach at 9pm and wait in hiding until he tells you to go.

Turnip Ghost

Date: Spring-Winter

Talk to Erik about farming and crops and he will tell you a funny story about what happens if you don't harvest your turnips in time.


Normal Schedule
6am - 9am St. Poli Church
9am - 12pm South District
12pm - 11pm Erik's Farm
11pm - 12am Laga Springs
12am - 6am Erik's Farm
Monday-Friday (Raining) and Holiday (Sunny/Raining)
6am - 6am Erik's Farm


  • Before Laga springs opens, Erik spends the time at his farm.
  • During Winter, Erik spends time at the beach from 9am-12pm on Monday-Friday (and not when it's raining).
  • Before Lara Moves to Trampoli, Erik is at his farm from 6am-9am.
  • During Festival days, Erik can be found in the Church District from 6am-6pm.

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