Rune Factory Frontier

� In the game there are four different dungeons for you to explore: Whale, Green, Lava, and Snow. Click on the Image Map below to continue.

The ruins can be accessed in the following locations:

  • Whale Island: In front of the Silent Clock Tower after watering the strange sprout.
  • Green Ruins: In front of Mist's house after you've cleared her yard of weeds. (After obtaining the sickle, gift her 3 items [anything but weeds] and talk to her until she makes the request.)
  • Lava Ruins: Along the mountain road after you've inserted a tree rune into the tree found growing underneath the collapsed ruins. (The hole for the rune can only be found after defeating Giant Clucky of Green Ruins, and can only be found if you have seen Iris. In order to see Iris, go to the end of Whale Island at 6:00PM or later.)
  • Snow Ruins: Accessed after clearing Lava ruins and inserting the slab of rock you receive from the boss into the monument/pillar located by the Rune Archives.

Whale IslandSnow RuinsGreen RuinsLava RuinsSnow RuinsDungeons.jpg
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