Rune Factory Frontier
Description "Magician girl living in the Clock Tower. Does not like talking. Likes fishing."
Birthday Spring 26
Favorite Gifts Magic Crystal
Liked Gifts Fish
Disliked Gifts Cucumber
Constellation Fish
Spouse Lunch Boiled Egg, Hot Milk
Voice Actor
English Cristina Vee
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Cinnamon arrives shortly after her grandfather, Kanno, in Spring. She is a very lethargic girl who does not like to talk much. Her hobbies are celestial observation and fishing. She is the sister of Candy.



Date: Spring 9
Enter the Clock Tower to Speak with Kanno on Spring 7 and speak with him; repeat this until Spring 9, where he will tell Raguna to go meet his granddaughters. Exiting the Clock Tower on Spring 9 after receiving this dialogue will trigger an animated cutscene.

Skyfall (Marriage)

Prerequisite: Have 10 FP and LP with Cinnamon. Lara and Melody must be studying magic with Cinnamon.
After talking to Cinnamon on a sunny day, she will mention to you that she, Melody and Lara are doing some starwatching in the evening and she would like you to join them. She tells you to meet her at the Clocktower balcony by the ladder to the roof on a clear night. Be there around 7 PM. Then enjoy the cutscene with them and the final Cinnamon event. Cinnamon will be available to marry now.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Holiday Any Day (Raining)
6am - 9am Clock Tower[1]
9am - 12pm Clock Tower Lake Poli Clock Tower Rune Archives Clock Tower Mountain Road[2] Clock Tower
12pm - 6pm Homestead Homestead Clock Tower[3] Beach
6pm - 7pm Laga Springs[2]
7pm - 6am Clock Tower[1]


  • During Festival days, Cinnamon can be found in the Business District from 9am - 6pm.
  • [1]: Once married, Cinnamon spends her time at your house instead.
  • [2]: Before Laga Springs opens, Cinnamon spends her time in the Clock Tower instead.
  • [3]: If it's Summer, Cinnamon can be found at the beach.


  • You can get bonus LP for Cinnamon by looking at a constellation and reporting it back to her

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