Rune Factory Frontier
Birthday Depending on day of conceiving
Family Raguna (Father)
Bachelorette of choice (Mother)
Residence Farm
Image Gallery

No matter who you marry, the child will always look the same because it takes after you. In Rune Factory Frontier you have the option of choosing whether you want a boy or a girl, or to leave it up to fate. Your wife will become pregnant 30-35 days after your wedding, provided that you have the children's bed (purchased from Lute). The child will be born 60 days (2 seasons) after he/she is conceived.

Note: You MUST have bought the children's bed from Lute in order for your wife to get pregnant. The children's bed costs 20,000 gold and can be purchased on some, but not all, holidays.

The child will go through 3 stages (crawling, walking, full grown) and while it doesn't have any particular likes or dislikes, you can buy a book from Selphy that allows you to make toys for them. When the child is full grown as a kid, it will follow you around while you're in the village. It will not grow any older past the stage of a 7-8 year old kid.

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